9 Dimensions of Wellness: BuzzFeed Quiz Edition!

Looking for a fun way to explore the 9 dimensions of wellness? Check out this list of BuzzFeed quizzes we compiled representing an aspect of each dimension!

SPIRITUAL WELLNESS: Are You More Yoga or Pilates? Yoga and pilates are both great ways to get in touch with your spiritual side. This quiz may help you decide which one may suit you best.

SOCIAL WELLNESSWhat Should You Actually Do This Weekend? Take this quiz for some fun and social ideas for your weekend plans.

CAREER WELLNESSThis Quiz Will Tell You What Career You Should Actually Have Okay, so this quiz may not tell you which career you should actually have, but it may give you some great ideas that you have never thought of before.

EMOTIONAL WELLNESSThis Quiz Will Determine If You’re An Optimist or a Pessimist Again, this quiz may not determine if you’re an optimist or pessimist, but it may give you some ideas about areas of your life where you could benefit from thinking a bit more positively.

PHYSICAL WELLNESS Which Workout Should You Try? Looking for a new exercise idea? Take this quiz to find a new workout that might work for you!

FINANCIAL WELLNESS: Are You Good or Awful With Money? Take this quiz to determine if you are good or not so good with money – and get some tips along the way to become even better with your finances.

INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS: What Type of Intelligence Do You Have? Everyone is intelligent in many ways – take this quiz to find out the dominant intelligence that you have!

CREATIVE WELLNESS: We Know What Your Art Major Should Be Based On This Color Test Thinking about using you creative skills to become an artist? This quiz may give you some ideas about what type of art to go into.

ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint? Take this quiz to get an idea about the size of your carbon footprint and how you may help to decrease your negative environmental impact!

BONUS! Which Type of Emoji Are You? Just for fun – take this quiz to see which emoji might best represent you!