The BeWell Health & Wellness Program recognizes the critical role families play in shaping teenagers’ academic achievement and health. The Parent Advisory Board was established to engage interested parents and guardians of BridgeUP scholars in the development of BeWell’s health program for scholars and families. Advisory Board members will act as a resource and sounding board for BeWell staff to ensure that the programs and services provided by BeWell address the needs of BridgeUP scholars and their families.


  • To foster a stronger connection between BridgeUP parents and guardians and BeWell Health & Wellness Program staff and BridgeUP.
  • To involve parents and guardians in the planning, review, and implementation of BeWell program and service provision in order to ensure that they are appropriate and effective.
  • To provide professional development opportunities and connections to resources and support for Advisory Board members.

Participation in the Parent Advisory Board will involve a mix of in-person meetings, phone calls, and email exchanges. The BeWell program staff recognize that members are busy, and have many other competing commitments. We will do our best to accommodate members’ schedules and preferences–for example, by holding meetings at convenient times and in convenient locations,  avoiding unnecessary in-person meetings, and contacting you via your preferred method of communication. Attendance at meetings and participation in phone calls is encouraged and greatly appreciated, but not required.

Participation in the Parent Advisory Board is voluntary, and members will not receive financial compensation for their time. However, they will receive MetroCards to help cover the cost of transportation to BeWell Parent Advisory Board events. Food will also be served at meetings. Additionally, Advisory Board members will have access to licensed clinical social workers and medical professionals who are available to assist them and their families as needed.