An Intro Guide to Community College

Many students are uncertain about what exactly they want to do after high school. It is easy to become overwhelmed with committing to a 4-year college and choosing a degree path. A great option that students take is attending a local community college and completing a 2-year program, then transferring to a 4-year university and already being halfway done! These students are referred to as “transfer students.” Not only does being a transfer student save thousands of dollars, but it opens doors to career paths that you may not have considered before. This article addresses the benefits of attending a 2-year program and provides more resources at the end for those who want more information.

  1. Community college saves money.

You can save thousands of dollars completing your General Education requirements at a local community college before transferring. In fact, it can be free in New York City for some New York residents. Click here to estimate the cost of attending a community college in the City. Depending on household income, many students can not only go for free, but receive a grant on top of that. Basically, you can be paid to go to school!

2. More individual attention from professors

Professors at 4-year university are often not only teaching, but are required to conduct research and work multiple jobs on top of that, meaning they have less time to spend on campus with students. Professors at community colleges are often only teaching, and have more time free for office hours. This is great for students who want to build a professional relationship with their professor as a mentor and obtain letters of recommendation!

3. An abundance of clubs and activities

Many students think that attending community college prevents them from being involved in activities and getting a “college experience.” In fact, community colleges have a multitude of student-led clubs and organizations to be involved in. If you are looking for leadership and event planning opportunities to add onto your resume, starting a club at a community college is a great step! Clubs can include LGBTQ+ organizations, theatre and art programs, and Greek Honors Societies. You can also be involved in sports, student government, and multicultural organizations.

4. Study abroad options and internships available

Just because you are going to school closer to home does not mean it will be like high school. It also does not mean you will have to live at home for the next 2 years either. In fact, local community colleges such as BMCC offer study abroad opportunities in Italy, Greece, and more! Additionally, Bronx Community College also offers study abroad opportunities.

5. Flexibility with schedules

Many local colleges such as BMCC offer weekend and evening programs and E-learning programs to accommodate students’ busy schedules. This is a great option for students who have to go to work during the weekdays.

6. Opportunity to expand horizons

Because the tuition is so much more affordable in community colleges than state and private universities, you have more opportunities to take elective classes you may not have considered before. This can help you solidify what your interests are (and what they are not) and if you want to pursue that area of study when you transfer to your 4-year university. You also have more room to take courses for fun, such as a P.E., music, or art class.

There are many advantages in choosing to attend a community college. Getting a college experience is whatever you make it out to be no matter where you decide to attend! The stigma that surrounds community college that it is “just like high school” is clearly not true once you find out all of the opportunities your school can offer you.

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