Calcium: The Teen Bone Builder

While your teen’s body grows, their bones are growing rapidly so they will need a lot of calcium in their diets.

Calcium is found in milk and milk products like cheese and yogurt, but can also be found in other products like certain canned fish, leafy greens, and some corn tortillas. Click this link to read about other sources of calcium from the American Association of Pediatrics. Talk with your pediatrician if you believe that your teen may benefit from calcium supplements,

Your teen can do other things to build strong bones, too! They should make sure to get lots of Vitamin D, which is important in helping their body use the calcium they eat. They should avoid eating excess salt, which can cause the body to get rid of calcium in the urine. Staying physically active is important for many reasons, and it will help your teen convert all that delicious calcium in to strong bones!