Fiber: An Important Part of Your Teen’s Diet


Fiber is a vital part of the diet, but unfortunately it is often overlooked! According to this article from the American Association of Pediatrics, a study found that teens who ate high-fiber meals not only ate sufficient amounts of calories per day but also benefited from the added consumption of vitamins and minerals that are found in fiber-rich foods.

What foods can you serve to increase your teen’s consumption of fiber? Look for whole grain products like whole wheat bread and brown rice, legumes including beans and lentils, a variety of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and asparagus, and fruits like apples, dates, and raisins.

Read the article for some easy ways to fit more fiber into your teen’s diet. Some of our favorite swaps are to buy whole-grain bread instead of white bread, serve raw vegetables or cook them just enough that they stay crispy, or pop some popcorn for a delicious, fiber-filled snack!