Fresh, Canned, and Frozen Produce: Is there a Difference

All sorts of things can affect whether or not you eat fruits and vegetables-these include the taste, recipes you use, prize of the produce, or seasonal availability. Canned or frozen produce is usually cheaper, because the price of fresh produce can depend on factors like the time of year and where you live in relation to where produce is grown. You can usually choose between buying produce that is fresh, canned, or frozen. Which option is healthier for you?

A recent article from looked at a variety of studies and concluded that there’s no difference! This is what they found: “The best method is the one that gets you to eat your veggies. Whether they’re fresh, frozen, or canned, if you eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, you’re going to reap some of their nutritional benefits.” Click here to read the rest of the article.

So there you have it: Focus on choosing the fruits and vegetables that you know you will eat. Whether they’re fresh, canned, or frozen, you’ll still benefit from at least some of the nutrients your body needs!