How to be More Productive By Using the Eisenhower Box

President Eisenhower developed a decision box system that helps to encourage productivity. To use an Eisenhower Box, you’ll need to divide it into four sections by drawing a horizontal and vertical line through the center of the box. On the top, you’ll mark one column as “urgent” and one column “not urgent.” On the side, you’ll mark one row “important” and the other “not important.” Use the boxes to fill in your tasks. Any task marked as “urgent” and “important” gets top priority. Tasks marked “urgent” and “not important” should be given to someone else to complete. Tasks that are “important” but “not urgent” should be scheduled for later. Finally, tasks that are both “not urgent” and “not important” should be deleted all together. To see an Eisenhower box in action and learn more about how to decide what is “urgent” or “important,” check out the link below!