Is lifting weights a good idea for girls?

The short answer is, yes! Lifting weights is a great idea for girls. Both boys and girls can benefit from a regular exercise program including aerobic activity, weight training, and stretching. Lifting weights can help build muscle strength and tone. Lifting also works to strengthen your bones and your heart, and can boost your energy levels and self-esteem. 

For the best results, you’ll want to make sure you are taking care of your overall health. Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet to give your body the fuel it needs to work in the gym. Exercising will burn calories, so you’ll need to eat more to maintain or to increase your current weight while you develop your muscles through training.

Before you start, go to see your health provider for a sports physical. Let your doctor know that you want to lift weights and he/she can check to make sure you are ready to begin an exercise program. Your doctor can also recommend a coach or trainer who can teach you proper lifting technique. You’ll want to work with an adult or a friend who has weight lifting experience to make sure you learn the right way to lift weights, so you get the results you want and also to avoid getting hurt.

Start by lifting light weights a few days per week, with a focus on proper form and technique. Once you learn a set of exercises that you can do with the right form, you can slowly add weight, a few pounds at a time. Rotate through different muscle groups during the week, and give yourself at least two days to rest. When you lift weights your muscles develop small tears. These tears heal and your muscles grow as a result. You need to take time to rest so that your muscles can repair themselves and that’s why it’s important to not hit the gym every day.

After a few weeks you will start to see results, and you’ll probably like the results you see! You can enjoy the health benefits and also encourage your friends to get involved if they’re interested in working out as well. 

And if you would like more fitness tips, or are wondering how to find a trainer who can teach you to lift weights, feel free to talk to a BeWell staff member. BeWell staff are trained on a wide range of health topics, including weight lifting, and they would be happy to connect you with the people and resources you need to reach your fitness goals.