Organization Skills for Students: 7 Practical Tips

Finding a balance between working hard, participating in recreational activities, and organization can be hard! The success of students has been proven to be correlated with their organizational skills. This article outlines 7 methods to staying organized inside and outside of school. Organizing documents and handouts in designated subject, topic, or task folders will help your student keep on top of assignments and find the information they need as they work. Using checklists is not only rewarding and motivating, but will also keep them from forgetting about or not completing items. Using planners, rather than organizing assignments on a phone or computer, has proven to be a more effective method.

Visual reminders and “buddies” who keep students organized and accountable are another method students can use to stay on top of deadlines and homework. Setting aside time each week to organize planners, binders, folders, workspaces, and bags is a great way to not let things get out of control. Read on for more advice on how to be most successful in these tasks and more!