Talking to Your Teen About College Applications

As your scholar is preparing their college applications, it’s important for you to understand and get involved with more than just the FAFSA! Do you know what your scholar’s personal statement is about, or have you sat down to discuss their college list? Staying engaged in the process can help both you and your future college student write better essays, send stronger applications, and make the best, most informed college decisions later on. Here are some ideas to talk about:

  • Ask your scholar what their essay is about – you might have ideas or opinions on their work that could help them get through writer’s block, or perspectives on the situations they write about that could make their essay even stronger.
  • Have you looked at finances or scholarships together? Take some time to talk about the the FAFSA, research scholarships together, or review the NYPL Financial Aid Sources website to get a better picture of how to finance their education.
  • Having these conversations early on can help them set realistic expectations for their college admissions, as well as make it easier for them to make smart decisions as they begin to get acceptance letters. 

Keep checking in as the year goes on, and work together to develop other skills they will need as college students. Check out the link below for more ideas!