Teaching Kids The Planner Habit

Getting kids in the habit of using a planner takes a little bit of time and repetition, but once you establish a routine, planners are conducive to organization and success. This article helps parents guide their students toward the efficient use of a planner. Beginning with the right planner for your child is important; there are many different sizes and styles. Many planners are colorful and fun in order to inspire kids to want to use them. Remember to go for something durable but light, with pockets.

There are a number of basic reminders in the article that help parents guide the planner-using process, including tips to get kids writing in all assignments and due dates, engaging teachers in the process, taking things slowly, and building a habit. One of the best ways to get kids into this routine is to use motivational incentives, like stickers, to reward kids for sticking to it! See more detailed steps here.