What it means to be Sex-Positive

What does Positive Sex Talk mean?

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable or difficult to find the right way to bring up sex with your kids, no matter their gender. One method of doing this is often referred to as ‘sex-positivity’. Sex-positivity does NOT mean telling your kids to go have sex right this very minute, don’t worry. Instead it’s an approach that regards sex for what it is, a natural part of life. When kids are taught what sex and sexuality mean, and their questions are answered honestly, it can support them in making choices that respect their bodies and their emotions.

For an intro to what all this means and learning how to start a sex-positive conversation check out ReCAPP’s Topics in Brief: Positive Sexuality: Topics In Brief: Positive Sexuality

If you feel like you’re a sex-positive parent already (go you!), read this article from Lea Grover and see how other parents take on the challenge: This Is What Sex-Positive Parenting Really Looks Like

Healthy Teen Network has compiled 5 articles on how to take a ‘sex-positive’ attitude when talking with your kids, including the ones I’ve focused on above. These 5 articles cover the spectrum from, “I’ve never talked to my kids about sex” to “We’ve been talking about sex since they were 4” No matter where you are, there are resources out there for you!