YouTube Fitness Videos

Interested in working out at home, but don’t know where to start? YouTube can be a valuable resource for you to try new workouts and get moving! Here are a few of our favorite fitness focused YouTube accounts for you to try.


Want to try something new? This YouTube channel features a variety of fitness and health related videos, including 30 and 90 day fitness programs to try! Check out Burn to the Beat for quick and fun dance workouts, Strength intervals for great bodyweight exercises, or the BeFiT Bootcamp series for a challenge! This channel also has fitness and nutrition tips, a series of Health Hacks to make staying healthy easier, and a “You Asked For It” series where trainers and experts answer fitness questions.

Yoga With Adriene 

Interested in trying yoga, but don’t know where to start? Yoga With Adriene is a great resource for yogis of all skill levels. Adriene develops her routines for people of all levels and creates focused flows for specific needs, like yoga for a bad mood, yoga for creativity, and yoga for the classroom! In addition to yoga, Adriene posts vlogs about health, wellness, and mindfullness.

Superhero Fitness T.V. 

Rather dance than workout? Keaira LaShae, the dancer and trainer behind Superhero Fitness T.V. developed a ton of fun, easy to follow dance based workouts to try! Try Soca, Zumba, and Hip Hop dance fitness classes or learn more about healthy snacks, get positive affirmations, or learn routines to the latest hits on her channel. Too intimidated to jump right into dance? Her Walk N Tone workouts combine walking in place with fitness moves to get that heart rate up with less high intensity work.

Trying for those #gains? The Channel has a ton of body weight and equipment based exercises to help build your muscles and strength. They offer nutrition tips, information about the importance of strength training, and debunk fitness myths as well.