8 Steps for Using a Paper Planner Effectively

If you have ever used a paper planner, you have probably found the following: they require maintenance, but they help you succeed! Writing down assignments on paper is a visual method of organization that is far more effective than creating a mess of calendar events on your phone! Once you become accustomed to using your planner, you will find that you are more motivated, procrastinating less, and staying on top of your assignments.

Some of the best ways to get into the routine of having a planner are:

  • choose a small planner
  • take a few minutes every day to jot down your daily assignments
  • do the same with upcoming weekly assignments
  • write major upcoming due dates in the monthly calendar page
  • write what you need to do in detail
  • refer to your planner everyday
  • don’t worry if you have  blank space.

Read this article to delve into these tips as you get started with your planner!