Adolescent Development & Changing Relationships

As children grow into teens and young adults, parents often struggle with their changing relationship. It may seem like teens start to distance themselves for no reason, but it’s actually an important developmental stage. During childhood, children rely on their parents for almost everything, including social support. However, as teens gain a sense of independence, they look to their friends and peers for more social support and parents can feel concerned, confused, or left behind. Your role may become more about helping them learn how to make their own decisions instead of making the decisions for them. Your role will be to help them balance pros and cons of a situation.  Research shows that parents continue to have more influence than peers on many important outcomes, including whether adolescents smoke, use alcohol or other drugs, or have sex.

In order to keep your relationship healthy and strong, take some time to reconsider the ways you interact. These articles and resources may be helpful. 

NY Domestic Violence Prevention Hotline: 1-800-942-6906