Can Your Brain Really Multitask?

Adam Gazzaley is a doctor who has done great research in how the brain responds to multitasking and distractions. In this Q&A session, he mentions the limitations our brain has be able to focus on multiple tasks when they are carried out at the same time. He shows that his research was able to prove that there is a decrease in performance and accuracy among people when they try to multitask. He emphasizes that creativity and mindfulness are found at moments in your life where there is quietness. But whenever people in the modern world seem to encounter a silent space, they immediately reach for their technology to guzzle down more information from their devices. For more information on Dr. Gazzaley’s research into neural activity concerning multitasking, and also the future work he is doing which includes creating video games that may enhance our brain to adapt to multitasking situations, check out the full interview at this website.