How to Tell Your Parents About Your Mental Health Concerns

It takes courage to tell a parent or guardian that you are having trouble with your feelings. Adults can help you through tough times, and it’s important to get the support you need.

When you are ready, try to find a time when you won’t be interrupted. You may even need to schedule a time to talk. Try saying something like, “Mom and Dad, I have something I’d like to talk about. Can we sit and talk after dinner?”

If talking seems too hard, it might be easier to write your thoughts. A letter, an email, or even a text message can get the conversation going. Try something as simple as “I’ve been feeling anxious” or “I’m worried I might be depressed.” Or you might just say, “I need your help.”

Keep in mind that if your parents or you get upset, you can continue the conversation over time. If they ask a question about your feelings that you cannot answer, you might say you will think about it and will talk more later.

If you think you definitely cannot talk to your parents or guardians, reach out to another trusted adult. This might be a school counselor, teacher, religious leader, school nurse, or doctor. It can be your BridgeUP Fellow, or Tutor or BeWell Health Fellow. Definitely do not give up. You deserve to feel better!

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