Managing Academic Stress Series Kickoff

BeWell and BridgeUP staff are so excited to be kicking off our academic stress management series! School work and college applications seem to be a big source of stress for teens everywhere and scholars at BridgeUP. We have created a series of tools to teach BridgeUP scholars about things that can be done to manage and reduce academic stress. When you learn a new skill at your BridgeUP den, and show us that you are using the skills consistently, you can earn points that will let you win prizes!

These are some of the academic stress management tools we have covered so far:

  • Using a Planner-check out this video to learn more!
  • Writing to-do lists-see what Chris and Sky have to say about this skill.  
  • We’re so excited to continue learning and practicing these academic stress management tools with you! Check out the BeWell Youtube page for more videos like these ones.