Passion Project Expo

We had a wonderful time attending the Passion Project Expo this summer!

Scholars from Countee Cullen Omega created the C.R.O.W.N.S. (Communities Redeeming Our Worth, Narrative, & Shine) Initiative. They learned about homelessness in the Harlem community and created hygiene packs that they distributed to the local homeless population. They also made a five-part visual mixtape to spread awareness about the stories of people experiencing homelessness.

Scholars from Countee Cullen Alpha and Delta created and gave out samples from their own makeup line, Crystal Stare. They had discussed that many makeup brands are not made to complement the skin tones of people of color, and found that even those brands that were made for that purpose were hard to find in stores. They decided to take matters into their own hands and created two shades of lipstick, lip gloss, sheer lip balm, a lip scrub, and highlighter.

Scholars from BLC Beta created a website and an instagram to showcase the beauties and challenges of life in the Bronx. Each scholar chose a different aspect of life in the Bronx that was meaningful to them, and the topics included: hip hop and rap culture, small businesses, Asthma as a result of air pollution, gentrification, and LGBTQ services. You can click here to see their website and find them on Instagram as @BLCbetalovesthebronx.

Congratulations to all of our scholars that worked so hard on these projects! We are always inspired by your hard work and dedication during the passion project season. Can’t wait to see what projects you think of next year!