Prioritizing: A Critical Executive Function

Neurologist and teacher Judy Willis explains the importance of prioritizing in her article “Prioritizing: A Critical Executive Function.” She recommends that children aged 10-12 years old focus on learning how to prioritize and delegate tasks. During this time period, the brain has more neuroplasticity, which means the brain’s circuits are developing and changing rapidly, as opposed to an older, teen ages. By focusing on developing these skills now, kids can activate these areas of the brain more effectively and encourage strong prioritizing skills early in life. Teachers, families, and other adults should focus on honing this skill with their preteens by recognizing, encouraging, and demonstrating good prioritization skills. Help your students learn by recognizing and identifying their existing skills, letting them try prioritizing without telling them they are wrong, modeling how to prioritize by ranking things as “the best,” and using goal setting and planning to demonstrate prioritizing for complex tasks. Want to learn more? Check out the original article at: