The Ivy Lee Method

The Ivy Lee method is a tried and true productivity tool, in use since the early 1900s. To stay organized and productive, Lee suggests following five simple steps. First, at the end of the day, write 6 tasks that you need to the next day — but only 6 tasks, nothing more. Then, prioritize that list in terms of what is most to least importance. The next day, start with the first task and concentrate solely on that task. You should not move on to the second task until the first one is finished. Follow down the task list in the same manner, making sure to only focus on one task at a time. If at the end of the day, there remains tasks that have not been completed, it must be added to the list of things to do the following day. Repeat this process every day. By listing and ranking the tasks in the order of importance, you will force yourself to make realistic decisions and commit to the work they need to get done the next day. Focusing on a task one at a time will help eliminate unnecessary distractions as well. For more information and an interesting backstory on the Ivy Lee method, check out: